Visualization Suite

Gridsum Dashboard is our data visualization tool for our digital intelligence solutions. It is used for interactive data mining and visualized data analysis. Gridsum Dashboard integrates charts, graphics and tables from various data sources and displays them on a single multi-screen interface. It offers pre-configured data visualization templates and provides customers with options to customize their data displays. Gridsum Dashboard improves visualization of customer digital intelligence data, so that customers understand the business operations in a timely and intuitive manner and provides business intelligence support for decision-makers. The capabilities and features of Gridsum Dashboard include:

• real-time connection to data

• visualization templates

• access control

• user-friendly interface

Gridsum Report Center  is our automated report generation and distribution tool, which supports data reporting for all of our solutions, aggregates data from multiple dimensions, customizes and creates report templates and configures report distribution. The data integrity verification capability makes report preparation convenient and improves the visual quality and accuracy of reports. The capabilities and features of Gridsum Report Center include:

• seamless integration

• data integrity verification

• multiple methods for report distribution

• reusable report templates

• customizable and data combination from multiple dimensions