New Media Suite

Streaming Dissector  is our real-time viewership analysis and operational efficiency monitor for digital online video. Unlike traditional methods of measuring viewership, Streaming Dissector does not rely on viewer sampling, but continually monitors all viewers of the streaming video. The capabilities and features of Streaming Dissector include:

• real-time streaming monitoring

• content delivery network monitoring

• reporting and alerting

• real-time rating analysis

• multi-platform support

Video Dissector  is our online video content analytics tool for discovering the most valuable or attractive parts in video content. It provides analysis of viewer behavior and solutions for optimizing online video content. The capabilities and features of Video Dissector include:

• online video operation analysis

• video content evaluation

• viewer analysis

• online video performance analysis

TV Dissector  is our analytics tool for internet protocol television, internet television, cable television, satellite television and digital television. It monitors and analyzes viewer behavior and provides solutions to optimize the business and operations of TV station operators. TV station operators use TV Dissector to analyze the development and activity of users and viewership of live broadcast, play on-demand and playbacks, generate accurate statistics about the conversion of their electronic program guide pages and advertising activities and optimize product packages and pay-per-view businesses. The capabilities and features of TV Dissector include:

• user development and activeness analysis

• viewership analysis

• play on-demand and playback analysis

• product package analysis

• electronic program guide analysis

• user experience analysis

Rating Dissector  is our television viewing data analytics tool for traditional TV stations. Rating Dissector automatically combines traditional viewership log data with the channels and programs of the TV stations and generates viewership analysis. The management and operation personnel of the TV stations easily access the analysis via computers and mobile phones. Rating Dissector provides search functionality that supports complex multi-dimension data searches and alerting feature that provides monitoring and malfunction alerting related to program broadcasts. The capabilities and features of Rating Dissector include:

• automatic generation of viewership data

• viewership analysis

• program analysis