Marketing Automation Suite

All of our marketing automation solutions are available as an integrated suite of solutions, which we call ADSUITE. The capabilities of each solution are described below.

Web Dissector  is used to analyze customer websites by monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators such as clicks, page views, sessions, conversion rates and sales. Web Dissector precisely measures the effectiveness of online promotional activities and detects click fraud. The capabilities and features of Web Dissector include:

• online operational data analysis

• pixel-level interactive click and touch "heat maps"

• multi-dimension drill-down analysis

• click fraud detection

• online asset assessment

• user behavior analysis

• online performance optimization

• online advertisement delivery and performance analysis

Mobile Dissector  is used to understand mobile app user activity, gain insight into users' interactive behavior, and improve user experience with the application and retention rate. Mobile Dissector also helps advertisers monitor characteristics of mobile audiences on mobile web sites and apps, user behavior and the value of different mobile channels. The capabilities and features of Mobile Dissector include:

• mobile application promotion and distribution analysis

• mobile apps data analysis

• error and exception tracking

• custom event analysis

• multi-dimensional drill-down analysis

• app life-cycle analysis

• cross platform analysis

SEM Dissector  automates search engine marketing processes for advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising account managers, and provides comprehensive, objective and transparent performance reports. SEM Dissector supports simultaneous management of multiple accounts and grouping of customized keywords with major Chinese search engines, including Baidu, Sogou and Qihoo 360. Built-in analytical models guide customers to optimize keyword advertising, and automatic bidding algorithms monitor competitors' advertising activities and make appropriate bids automatically. The capabilities and features of SEM Dissector include:

• customer data integration and key performance indicator customization

• keyword advertising management

• report customization

• automatic advertising placement and bid management

• attribution model

SEO Dissector  is our search engine optimization tool. It analyzes website quality and the website's level of accessibility to various search engines. Customers use SEO Dissector to evaluate website performance, identify defects and make improvements. Customers also evaluate reports of keyword search results on different search engines, enabling them to optimize their websites to improve their organic rankings on search engine results pages. The capabilities and features of SEO Dissector include:

• website indexability analysis

• multi-dimensional analysis of keywords ranking

• rich and intuitive presentation of analysis results

• practical webmaster tools

• flexible customization

Ad Dissector  is our advertisement performance monitoring and optimization product. It monitors and analyzes banner, rich media and text link and other advertising formats and leverages our core technology to provide optimization solutions. Advertisers and advertising agencies use Ad Dissector to measure performance of online advertising and allocate media resources to improve returns. The capabilities and features of Ad Dissector include:

• user-friendly placement management

• convenient landing page and scheduling management

• real-time data tracking

• powerful multi-source data correlation analysis

• Gantt chart performance visualization

Contribution Dissector  tracks and analyzes user behavior over the entire user life cycle from original access to ultimate conversion, tracing that behavior over years and various conversion data points and applying various attribution model algorithms to the data. Customers assess advertisement results across media outlets, connect off-line conversion, analyze contribution from each channel to the ultimate conversion process and optimize online businesses. Website operators use Contribution Dissector to evaluate the performance of their advertising campaigns across media outlets, connect offline conversion, analyze historical channel contributions to the ultimate conversion or sale and allocate their advertising resources efficiently based on the results. The capabilities and features of Contribution Dissector include:

• conversion path identification

• integration of online and offline data

• multiple attribution models

• multi-dimensional analysis

• marketing channel analysis

• user behavior playback

Audience Dissector is our audience analysis product. It combines customer offline user data from customer relationship management systems with our online user behavior data and digital intelligence capabilities to identify high value and high loyalty users and improve customer returns on their marketing investments. The capabilities and features of Audience Dissector include:

• intelligent customer relationship maintenance system

• decision-making support and optimization

• flexible user behavior tagging management

• flexible application programming interface

• data security and privacy

Target Dissector  is our email and social campaign product. It combines customer offline user data from customer relationship management systems with our online user behavior data and digital intelligence capabilities to help enterprise customers to analyze, personalize and optimize campaigns across email or social channels such as WeChat. It also works seamlessly with other 3rd party marketing campaign systems. The capabilities and features of Target Dissector include:

• design campaign workflow

• create personalized campaign content

• monitor campaign page (H5) in whole process

• analyze campaign operation report

• analyze campaign business report

Recommendation Engine is our data driven content recommendation solution for customers delivering adaptive video, news and e-commerce content on websites, mobile apps and Internet protocol television terminals. By accumulating user behavior data, Recommendation Engine continuously captures user preferences and improves the accuracy of its recommendations. The capabilities and features of Recommendation Engine include:

• mainstream mobile operating system data collection and analysis

• optimization for industry verticals

• personalized recommendations for mobile application content

• powerful content management platform