Information Discovery Suite

Media Dissector  is our mass media, social media and user-generated content media monitoring and analytics tool. Media Dissector applies distributed cloud computing crawler technology to capture media information on the internet. It uses natural language processing technology such as word segmentation, named-entity recognition and Chinese information processing technology to process information and provides correlation analysis to enable drill downs for information discovery. The capabilities and features of Media Dissector include:

• information overview

• item mentions and context analysis

• media event and public opinion analysis

• sentiment analysis

Law Dissector is our search and statistical analysis tool for legal research. It utilizes our natural language processing technology and applies data science methodology in the legal industry. Law Dissector summarizes the key attributes of legal cases and aggregates them in a broader statistical scope, which enables judges, lawyers and researchers to find implied patterns or rules that would be valuable for their respective professional objectives. The capabilities and features of Law Dissector include:

• information retrieval

• powerful aggregation and statistical research

• intelligent case analysis

Information Dissector  is an insightful analytical system developed to provide stock price predictions based on market sentiment in Chinese equity markets. Information Dissector gathers information from many sources, such as news, blogs, forums and analyst reports, maps each piece of information to particular industries and companies and processes the information into specific metrics used as input for complex time-series models and algorithms. The capabilities and features of Information Dissector include:

• market sentiment analysis

• multiple metric measurement

• intuitive visualization interface