E-Government Suite

Government Web Dissector  is our digital intelligence solution for public sector websites, providing government website operators at local, municipal, provincial and national levels with real-time website operating data and digital intelligence that is similar to what is provided to commercial customers by our Web Dissector solution. Our public sector customers use Government Web Dissector to optimize the quality and efficiency of online public services, such as driver’s license applications and marriage certificate applications. In addition to the features available from the standard Web Dissector, the capabilities and features of Government Web Dissector include:

• public service performance metrics

• intelligent diagnostics across websites

Government Website Group Integrated Management Platform , which we refer to as the Integrated Management Platform, is our integrated big data visualization system used by government website operators that are responsible for managing groups of websites. It provides a visualized integrated display of website group operating status and data. The capabilities and features of the Integrated Management Platform include:

• comprehensive overview of website groups

• performance overview

• visual comparison

• website correlation display

• geographic distribution visualization