Streaming Dissector  is our real-time viewership analysis and operational efficiency monitor for digital online video. Unlike traditional methods of measuring viewership, Streaming Dissector does not rely on viewer sampling, but continually monitors all viewers of the streaming video. The capabilities of Streaming Dissector include:

Real-time streaming monitoring. Streaming Dissector delivers real-time tracking of global audiences for digital online video. It collects viewer data at the client side, without reliance on sampling, and processes it to assess the efficiency and quality of the digital online video broadcast in real time.

Content delivery network monitoring. Assuring the quality of the viewing experience of live broadcast content is critical to the operations of internet TV stations. Streaming Dissector’s real time monitoring function enables internet TV stations to track the quality of the streaming at the geographic locations of its viewers in real time. Internet TV stations leverage this feature to optimize their content delivery network to ensure smooth streaming of the live broadcast.

Reporting and alerting. Streaming Dissector provides reports and alerts in standard configurations as well as in customer-defined configurations. Alerts include deterioration in streaming performance, falling traffic, and declining user satisfaction metrics. Alerts are delivered through channels such as email, text messages and push notifications on the Streaming Dissector user interface so that operations personnel take real-time actions to resolve problems and enhance performance of their video streams.

Real-time rating analysis. Streaming Dissector collects viewership data for multiple channels, programs and video content, as well as information about viewers’ geographic locations and viewing devices. Leveraging more comprehensive and accurate data, internet TV stations analyze viewership ratings and adjust programming to enhance viewership ratings.

Multi-platform support. Streaming Dissector not only supports desktop-based mainstream media platforms such as Flash and Silverlight, but also supports mobile video platforms on devices using both iOS and Android operating systems. This flexibility ensures a more comprehensive monitoring of streaming on different devices and also enables our customers to analyze their audience composition by users of different devices.