Rating Dissector  is our television viewing data analytics tool for traditional TV stations. Rating Dissector automatically combines traditional viewership log data with the channels and programs of the TV stations and generates viewership analysis. The management and operation personnel of the TV stations easily access the analysis via computers and mobile phones. Rating Dissector provides search functionality that supports complex multi-dimension data searches, and alerting feature that provides monitoring and malfunction alerting related to program broadcasts. The capabilities of Rating Dissector include:

Automatic generation of viewership data. Rating Dissector automatically loads traditional viewership log data into the system, matches them with other relevant data and generates the viewership analysis based on such data. Customers use Rating Dissector to promptly obtain overall viewership status of the TV station, including the viewership of each channel, the latest viewership trend and contribution rates, the latest viewership and ranking of satellite channels and the geographic distribution for the viewership of satellite channels.

Viewership analysis. Rating Dissector provides analysis for the viewership of the satellite channels, including a comparison against the performance of other national satellite channels. Our customers use Rating Dissector to analyze the viewership, market shares, rankings, daily viewership trends and national viewership distributions of their satellite channels. Rating Dissector also provides analysis for viewership within one particular geographic region.

Program analysis. Rating Dissector tracks and analyzes the programs designated by our customers, and performs drill down analysis at deeper levels of data based on the different types of the programs. Our customers use Rating Dissector to track the national or local viewership trend of programs, obtain ranking data of the news, TV series and variety shows of all channels, and analyze the viewership of each piece of news in a news program.