Mobile Dissector  is our monitoring and analytics tool for mobile applications. It helps developers understand user activity, gain insight into users' interactive behavior, improve user experience with the application and retention rate. Mobile Dissector also helps advertisers monitor characteristics of mobile audiences on mobile web sites and apps, user behavior and the value of different mobile channels. Supporting all major mobile operating systems, it monitors and analyzes the distribution and usage of applications, user in-app behavior, hardware and operating system, geographic information and other data anonymously through a software development kit on the mobile application. Capabilities of Mobile Dissector include:

Mobile application promotion and distribution analysis. Mobile Dissector tracks download and usage of mobile applications, and analyzes user behavior to assess the performance of different promotions. Mobile Dissector’s comprehensive analysis of the performance of in-app advertisements includes conversion rate at each step of user’s purchasing process, conversion of navigation paths between different interfaces during the registration process, and KPI conversion rates for users based on geographic data.

Mobile apps data analysis. Mobile Dissector collects data and provides analysis about user behavior on customers’ mobile applications. This data includes total number of users, breakdowns of new and continuing users, frequency of use, and time spent using the mobile applications.

Error and exception tracking. Mobile Dissector automatically tracks information about errors that occur on the customer application and collects information related to users’ mobile devices, operating systems and internet connection methods. Mobile application developers leverage this feature to pinpoint problematic code and resolve problems quickly.

Custom event analysis. Mobile Dissector includes a flexible event function to assess user behavior. With no advance configuration required, customers can apply this feature to analyze user behaviors as diverse as conversion rates at different steps in the purchase process, the number of video replays by the user, or user sharing and bookmarking activity.

Multi-dimensional drill-down analysis. Mobile Dissector provides flexible multi-dimensional analysis in real time, rather than displaying data in a fixed report format. This enables customers to complete queries real time to assess the influence of various factors of interest.

App life-cycle analysis. Customers using Mobile Dissector can monitor user retention by day, week or month, and assess the influence of dozens of retention rate indicators. Mobile Dissector’s valid activation indicator helps customers determine which activations of the app are most likely to be valuable.

Cross platform analysis. Mobile Dissector is used on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. It can aggregate data from multiple platforms simultaneously, and from multiple applications. This solution enables customers to compare and analyze data from various applications on different platforms as needed.