Gridsum Dashboard  is our data visualization tool for our business intelligence solutions. It is used for interactive data mining and visualized data analysis. Gridsum Dashboard integrates charts, graphics and tables from various data sources, and displays them on a single multi-screen interface. It offers pre-configured data visualization templates and provides customers with options to customize their data displays. Gridsum Dashboard improves visualization of customer digital intelligence data, so that customers understand the business operations in a timely and intuitive manner, and provides business intelligence support for decision-makers. The capabilities of Gridsum Dashboard include:

Real-time connection to data. Gridsum Dashboard connects directly to our distributed data warehouse, and integrates, processes and displays data in real-time, so that the data displayed on screen for customers is the most updated.

Visualization templates. Gridsum Dashboard allows customers to select from and customize various pre-configured visualization templates that are based on our commercial experience.

Access control. Gridsum Dashboard has powerful access control functions that give access to displays of different datasets to different users. It also provides guidance to system administrators in connection with granting access to the users.

User-friendly interface. Gridsum Dashboard’s user-friendly interface is easy for customers to configure and use without our assistance. We use cutting-edge visualization technology to display complex data in a professional and intuitive manner, so customers easily and directly interact with the data and perform drill down analysis to deeper levels of data.

Gridsum Report Center  is our automated report generation and distribution tool. Gridsum Report Center supports data reporting for all of our solutions, allows for the aggregation of data from multiple dimensions, customizes and creates report templates, and configures report distribution. The unique data integrity verification capability of Gridsum Report Center makes report preparation convenient and improves the visual quality and accuracy of reports. The capabilities of Gridsum Report Center include:

Seamless integration. Gridsum Report Center easily connects with all our solutions, to support the report generation on a single integrated platform, and generates either single-solution or cross-solution reports.

Data integrity verification. Gridsum Report Center automatically runs tests for the completeness and correctness of the processed data before distribution. This feature ensures that the data report generated from Gridsum Report Center contains complete, accurate and updated data.

Multiple methods for report distribution. Gridsum Report Center provides periodic distribution functions based on different distribution cycles and allows users to set up the exact time for automated distributions. Users also have the option to distribute the reports manually in real-time.

Reusable report templates. Gridsum Report Center easily imports and exports data reports that have been created. Users reuse the data report template for future reports, reducing duplicative effort and improving efficiency.

Combination of data from multiple dimensions. Gridsum Report Center provides flexible options for customers to select data from different dimensions and metrics collected by different solutions, and to combine that data into a single integrated report. Our customers further customize the configurations, layouts and presentations of their reports.