Contribution Dissector  is our long term user behavior and channel analysis tool. It tracks and analyzes the user behavior over the entire user life cycle from original access to ultimate conversion, tracing that behavior over years and various conversion data points, and applies various attribution model algorithms to the data. Customers assess advertisement results across media outlets, connect off-line conversion, analyze contribution from each channel to the ultimate conversion process and optimize online businesses. Website operators use Contribution Dissector to evaluate the performance of their advertising campaigns across media outlets, connect off-line conversion, analyze historical channel contributions to the ultimate conversion or sale, and allocate their advertising resources efficiently based on the results. The capabilities of Contribution Dissector include:

Identify conversion paths. Contribution Dissector aggregates user behavior data and performs multi-dimension analysis of the combinations of factors that have led to conversion or sale over an extended period of time. By identifying metrics for the conversion paths, such as number of conversions, number of users, length, time consumed on the path, expenses, value and return on investment, Contribution Dissector assesses the efficiency of different paths. Based on that analysis, customers determine effective combinations of advertising channels and the frequency of ad placements.

Integration of online and offline data. Contribution Dissector integrates online data sources and offline data sources, using unique field identifiers that link quantity, value and status of online and offline data. This solution tracks the entire lifecycle of users, learning user characteristics and assessing the effectiveness of ad placements in generating offline user conversion, tracking changes in order status and other information.

Multiple attribution models. Contribution Dissector moves beyond simple “last click” attribution by providing multiple attribution models that allow customers to evaluate the performance of their advertising campaigns in multiple channels that may have contributed to the ultimate outcome. Customers customize or create their own advanced attribution models based on the attribution models in Contribution Dissector, including First Click, Last Click and All Clicks.

Multi-dimensional analysis. Contribution Dissector offers a uniquely flexible analysis of visits, conversion and source, helping customers accurately analyze the ways that ad placements contributed, directly and indirectly, to meaningful user conversions such as product purchases. Customers leverage cross-correlations across more than a hundred dimensions – including browser, operating system, advertising key word, advertising medium, advertising source, advertising campaign, city and province – to gain a clear view of the effectiveness and value of various marketing channels.

Marketing channel analysis. Contribution Dissector analyzes the performance of different marketing channels at different stages of an advertising campaign.

User behavior playbacks. Contribution Dissector traces long-term user behavior and provides customers with historical website visit records for single users. Customers use the data to conduct research on the long-term user behavior and prepare effective long-term marketing strategies.