Data Visualization Platform for the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province – Deepening the Construction of Visualization Platforms for Trial Management


In recent years, the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province has been closely following and implementing the instructions from the PRC Supreme People's Court and Mr. Zhou Qiang, President and Chief Justice of the PRC Supreme People's Court. Under the guiding principles of serving people, trial and execution, and judicial process management and with an Internet mindset, it plans to accelerate the integration of information technologies with judicial practices.
As Jiangsu Province continues to promote informatization for courts, building a data visualization platform becomes imperative. That is when the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province becomes a customer of Gridsum.


In order to make data visible to all levels of management, Gridsum developed a visualization platform that contains various information including trial status, unsettled cases, ongoing cases, and publication of judicial information. Data visualization is achieved through data cleansing, analysis and mining. Advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, D3 and ES6 are used to create various user-friendly interfaces that are centered on visualization tools. The result data of the analysis are integrated through open interfaces, and displayed on a variety of screens of terminal devices in accordance with customer requirements and application scenarios.
Designed for all levels of management to access real-time information regarding trials and priorities in their departments, courts or judicial regions, this platform improves self-management capabilities and drives innovation in management models. This application system better serves the people’s courts and supports their judicial work, and contributes to the informatization of courts in Jiangsu Province.