China Legal Information Platform (Faxin) – A Big Data Legal Service Platform in China


China Legal Information Platform (Faxin) is the first integrated big data service platform of legal information and judicial cases, which was approved by the PRC Supreme People's Court in 2012 and jointly developed by the PRC Supreme People’s Court Press and Gridsum. As a project to reform and develop the state press and publication industry, Faxin platform is intended to develop and promote the use of legal data intelligence to accelerate the implementation of a “Smart Court” system. Faxin platform was officially launched in March 2016. Mr. Zhou Qiang, President and Chief Justice of the PRC Supreme People’s Court, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.


As a strategic partner of the PRC Supreme People’s Court Press, Gridsum equipped Faxin platform with its proprietary Law Dissector and Smart Push tools, which allow users of the Faxin platform to analyze identical cases for consistent judgment and search for intelligent recommendation of similar cases or relevant legal information enabled by its natural language processing technology. Law Dissector supports multi-dimensional and multiple-metrics analysis and drill-down, and provides user-friendly interface that is easy to operate. Smart Push accelerates the matching of similar cases and provides one-click push function. Smart Push not only supports information search based on legal terminologies commonly used by legal professionals, but also allows all users to use natural spoken language to search for similar cases or legal solutions.


Faxin platform has been successfully implemented by the PRC Supreme People's Court and the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province. This platform is intended to meet the needs of judges for laws, cases and expertise, assist them unify their standards used in rendering verdicts and enable standardized sentencing, ensure consistent judgments for similar cases, improve judicial quality and efficiency, and intelligentize and modernize China’s judicial practice. Faxin platform is expected to significantly change the way judges work and learn, improve judicial quality and efficiency, and provide powerful services to ensure equal justice.