Advantages of Solutions

We deliver our solutions as cloud-based software-as-a-service, or SaaS, offerings that are easy to deploy, easy to access, automatically updated without disruption, and enable our customers to reduce IT support costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support. The key advantages of our solutions include:

Fast and Efficient Multi-dimensional Drill-down — Our software is designed to enable customers to derive valuable intelligence from both structured and unstructured data quickly and easily. Our proprietary technology leverages our high performance correlation analysis engine to provide real-time response to customer data queries. Customers perform multi-dimensional data drill-down and correlation analysis with simple point-and-click and fingertip gestures, thereby identifying issues and isolating causes.

Simple and Customizable Visualization — We design our visualization to be simple, intuitive and user-friendly. Users learn and begin using our products with little to no training required. Our dashboards are optimized for multiple industry verticals, and within each industry the visualization can easily be customized based on specific customer needs. This ease of use allows users with little technical training or IT support to leverage our products and achieve desired results for their work.

Fully Integrated Solution Suites — All of the individual solutions in our solution suites share a common user interface, through which customers access the solutions they have purchased. Our solutions are accessible across all screen formats, from large multi-screen control centers to desktops and mobile devices.

Easy and Rapid Deployment — Our solutions can typically be deployed and configured by our customers within a day, without specialized training, and readily integrate with customers’ management and operating systems. Easy implementation and reduced start-up time allow customers to gain proficiency in our software quickly and to see results immediately. Updates such as software enhancements and new features can be delivered from the cloud without disruption to customers’ daily operation. Our highly flexible and extensible architecture delivers scalable and adjustable solutions for customers and allows us to offer specific solutions for specific customer needs. Customer dashboards are readily customizable based on customer needs, with no special coding or reconfiguration required.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership — Our cloud-based solutions enable our customers to access our software solutions anywhere, anytime and in real time, and reduce upfront investment and total cost of ownership because our customers do not need to invest in additional hardware or IT infrastructure to utilize our products.

Made in China, for China — Our solutions are designed with the China market in mind and are readily customizable or adaptable to address specific needs of domestic enterprise customers. Our natural language processing capabilities are designed to handle unstructured data in the Chinese language.