Our Business

Gridsum is a leading provider of sophisticated data analysis software for multinational and domestic enterprises and government agencies in China. Our proprietary distributed data architecture allows our customers to efficiently collect and analyze vast amounts of information that is collected, indexed and stored in an organized manner, or structured data, and information that is not organized, or unstructured data. Our core technology, the Gridsum Big Data Platform, with its machine learning capability, performs multi-dimensional correlation analysis and analyzes complex real-time events. Our solutions analyze data from more than 61 million internet and mobile sessions per day from users operating on over 233 million desktop and mobile devices. Our customers use our visualization and data-mining capabilities to identify complex relationships within their data and gain new insights that help them make better business decisions. We named our company ‘‘Gridsum’’ to symbolize the combination of distributed computing (Grid) and analytics (sum). Our leading position is based on our solutions and our core technologies. We were among the first companies to offer a web analytics solution based on data warehouse technology, and we were among the first digital intelligence companies in China to build solutions entirely on a distributed data warehouse architecture using the open-source Hadoop framework. In addition, we believe we are the only China-based company to provide solutions to enterprise customers that cover web, video and mobile analytics.

Our software products are designed for a variety of commercial and governmental applications. To help our enterprise customers reach China’s large and growing online and mobile population, our initial products have focused on sales and marketing automation solutions. Our newer solutions include our e-Government Suite, New Media Suite, Information Discovery Suite and Visualization Suite. Our customers include Fortune 500 and China 500 enterprises and government entities, comprising more than 300 customers across many industries, including over 30 Chinese government agencies, in 2015.